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See the Bills CDAA is Tracking

High Priority Bills – The most important bills on our radar
Active Bills – Those that are either currently moving through the Legislature, or have already been signed
Full Report – The largest report, this contains all bills being tracked by CDAA in the 2015-16 session, including those that have been killed or otherwise put on hold for the year

For each bill, you’ll see a brief description of the issue, the current location of the bill, and CDAA’s position. Once you’re viewing a particular report, clicking on the bill number will take you to a page with links to the language of the bill (including prior versions), all analyses that have been done by legislative committees, and any prior votes in committee or on the floor. Some bills will also have links to attached documents that we have uploaded – primarily letters of support or opposition. Right now that feature is only active on a few bills, but after this legislative year, that function will expand greatly. Clicking on the author’s name will take you to that member’s official website.

2015-16 Training Calendar is now available

Click here for the live seminar calendar. click here to see upcoming webinars.

Important Information for John R. Justice Award Recipients

The award is exempt from income. Therefore, your student loan servicing agency, like American Education Services (AES), CANNOT receive payment for the award from JRJ or Bureau of Justice (BJA) and then file a 1099 with the IRS. Click here for a copy of a letter from the IRS citing 20 U.S.C. section 1087ee(a)(5): “(5)The amount of a loan, and interest on a loan, which is canceled under this section shall not be considered income for purposes of title 26.”

Search Warrant Law and Practice manual (3rd Edition)

Like previous editions, Mike Galli’s Search Warrant Law and Practice manual (Third Edition) blends the best of both worlds—practical application and authoritative law—and continues to be a fantastic resource for both prosecutors and front-line law enforcement officers charged with preparing and litigating search warrants.

Completely revised and updated with numerous case examples, the 624-page, third edition explains everything you need to know about search warrants, including constitutional provisions; informant law; specific search warrant problems and fixes; technology searches; a NEW chapter on bodily intrusion searches; and Galli’s search warrant drafting formula. PLUS, a CD containing all 20 exhibits detailing example search warrants and checklists. And in anticipation of the ruling in Riley v. California, the manual includes a sample cell phone warrant and affidavit.

Click here to purchase the latest copy of Search Warrant Law and Practice, or any of CDAA’s other publications.