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Cattle Rustling: A Crime of the Present

This 25-minute video was created by CDAA and presented at the 2015 Rural Counties Conference. Click here to view the trailer.


2014 CDAA Legislative Digest Now Available Online

The California District Attorneys Association is pleased to present the 2014 Legislative Digest, a summary of all criminal laws enacted in 2014. To access this year’s Legislative Digest, click here.

Communicating legislative updates has been a key service CDAA has provided since the Association’s beginnings in 1975. We are sincerely grateful to Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Kathy Storton for her thorough research and outstanding efforts in authoring this publication again this year. Prosecutors and allied law enforcement across California are indebted to her for making it possible to stay abreast of the new changes in criminal law. Kathy reviews every bill signed by the Governor to determine those applicable to the work of prosecutors, our law enforcement partners, and/or public safety. It is a herculean task that Kathy first began for CDAA in 1992.

Important Information for John R. Justice Award Recipients

The award is exempt from income. Therefore, your student loan servicing agency, like American Education Services (AES), CANNOT receive payment for the award from JRJ or Bureau of Justice (BJA) and then file a 1099 with the IRS. Click here for a copy of a letter from the IRS citing 20 U.S.C. section 1087ee(a)(5): “(5)The amount of a loan, and interest on a loan, which is canceled under this section shall not be considered income for purposes of title 26.”

Public Records Act and Civil Subpoena Manual

The February 2015 update to this manual is complete. Special thanks to San Diego County and Deputy District Attorney Peter Cross for making this tool available to CDAA members. A PDF of the 300-page manual can be downloaded by clicking on the  “Publications” tab and selecting the  “Full List of Publications (By Title)” page.

Proposition 47

Proposition 47 has passed and the changes became effective November 5. Click here for a webinar by San Diego County Deputy District Attorney Lisa Rodriguez and written materials by Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Kathy Storton.

CDAA Webinar Subscription Packages Now Available

CDAA webinars are an effective and efficient way to deliver valuable training. Beginning in January, there will be a $25 tuition fee to view live CDAA webinars.The calendar for our Wednesday Webinar series can be found at www.cdaa.org/training/webinars. We have designed a Webinar Subscription Package so that District Attorney Offices can purchase year-long, unlimited access for the entire staff to these with only one transaction. This is far more economical and will allow maximum flexibility for offices. Here’s how it works: Purchase a webinar subscription (available for purchase until January 31, 2015) and the entire office will have access to every CDAA webinar through December 31, 2015. These trainings are typically between one hour and 1 ½ hours, and participants receive MCLE credit. Should you choose to participate in this program, your office will receive your office’s unique access code via email within one business day of purchasing your subscription (a Webinar Subscription Administrator within your office will need to be designated). For more information, click here.

Webinars-on-Demand Library

For the past 18 months, we have been upgrading and editing the library versions of our live webinars to be able to offer a superior product of over 70 webinars to our members. Along with CDAA’s classroom seminars and live webinars, this is yet another way for California prosecutors, law enforcement, and victim advocates to be educated in the comfort of their own offices while earning self-study credits. Webinar-on-demand topics cover current new statutes, trial tactics techniques, and current case law. They range from core topics such as Discovery and Ethics to specialized areas such as DNA in Sexual Assault Cases and Veterans’ Courts in California. Moreover, as a special, limited introductory incentive, we are offering CDAA members the opportunity to watch these great videos for FREE! View the library at  http://www.cdaa.org/training/webinars/webinars-library.

Search Warrant Law and Practice manual (3rd Edition)

Like previous editions, Mike Galli’s Search Warrant Law and Practice manual (Third Edition) blends the best of both worlds—practical application and authoritative law—and continues to be a fantastic resource for both prosecutors and front-line law enforcement officers charged with preparing and litigating search warrants.

Completely revised and updated with numerous case examples, the 624-page, third edition explains everything you need to know about search warrants, including constitutional provisions; informant law; specific search warrant problems and fixes; technology searches; a NEW chapter on bodily intrusion searches; and Galli’s search warrant drafting formula. PLUS, a CD containing all 20 exhibits detailing example search warrants and checklists. And in anticipation of the ruling in Riley v. California, the manual includes a sample cell phone warrant and affidavit.

Click here to purchase the latest copy of Search Warrant Law and Practice, or any of CDAA’s other publications.